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GPBlast™ Bonded Glutamine Peptides


100% Bonded Glutamine Peptides
Absorbed more then L-glutamine
Makes protein synthesis more efficient
Accelerates healing & charges the immune system
100% Bonded Glutamine Peptides


is an advanced bonded glutamine peptide supplement. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue. Glutamine is the most widely used amino acid in the body, during stress (high intensity weightlifting, dieting and malnutrition) glutamine levels in the body decrease at almost 50%. Unfortunately for athletes and bodybuilders hoping to benefit from glutamine, protein synthesis takes a back seat to the more important roles the body considers essential for survival, such as the immune system. In other words, ones body can only produce a certain amount of glutamine per day. Hence, the demand exceeds the supply, anabolic conditions are never met, thus supplementation is needed.

There is a difference between glutamine peptides and regular glutamine. First one must first obtain the knowledge of exactly what are peptides and how they are different from free form amino acids. Peptides are amino acids broken down into their smaller more digestible form using the hydrolyzation process. Only hydrolyzation can produce the smaller peptides, superior to free form amino acids and larger peptides currently found in your whey proteins that are produced not using the hydrolyzation method. Many companies use industry jargon to confuse you because there is a small amount of peptides that occur naturally, regularly commercially produced whole-protein supplements. Studies have shown that bonded glutamine peptides are digested up to 150% more than regular free form glutamine. Unless you are taking L-glutamine supplementation on an empty stomach with nothing else added to it you are probably not getting any benefit from it. With bonded glutamine peptides due to its smaller amino acid profile as much at 95% of the intake is digested whether you take it with protein, your favorite juice or nothing. Several studies have shown that smaller peptides are better absorbed than larger peptides.

1. Amino acids from peptides are more readily absorbed than free-form amino acids, thus producing a greater insulin reaction.
2. Humans fed smaller peptides compared to whole-protein foods had a greater increase in amino acid levels.
3. Hydrolysated products produce greater pharmacological effects (increasing GH and insulin response).




Available in: 0.5 kg. and 1 kg. containers.


Directions & Recommended Usage:  As a dietary supplement, mix 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of GPBlast™ with 8 to 12 ounces of your favorite juice, protein drink or blend with your favorite fruit shake. Due to hydrolyzation glutamine peptides have a slight bitter taste so its recommended that you always mix GPBlast™ with adequate liquid. Consume 10-20 grams of GPBlast™ daily for optimal results.

Ingredients:  100% bonded glutamine peptides derived from hydrolysis.


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